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Marshall are an Italian hard rock band formed in Naples in 1985 by the two brothers Sasà and Mario Ferrigno. The group consisted of vocalist and guitar player Sasà Ferrigno, bassist Mario Ferrigno, and drummer Lino Mazzola.  Mostly influenced by bands such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, their style (which is rooted in 70s hard rock) has also incorporated elements of heavy metal, blues and early rock and roll.


They recorded their first demo "In the race of rock" in 1987 and after they started to garner some local success, from 1988 to 1991, Marshall did many live shows all over Italy and were part of highly-acclaimed events such as the 'Agglutination Metal Festival' s first edition and a Swiss festival in Gland, Switzerland with other heavy metal bands such as Gotthard.

In 1990 Marshall recorded their debut album "Magic Diamonds" at Executive Studios in Posillipo, Naples with John Ryan and signed with Disco Magic/Metal News. Thanks to the album, the band reached success  in Italy and in other European countries, appearing on hard rock and metal magazines such as Metal Shock and Metal Hammer. They also won an award for "Best Italian New Group" on Metal Shock magazine, receiving wide recognition and praise both by critics and audience. In the same year, they were chosen as the Italian opening act for Black Sabbath, but  were unfortunately forced to decline. From that moment began a dark period for Marshall due to internal issues (disagreements between them) and external ones (their label Disco Magic was retired in the early 90s)


In 2020, Marshall reunited for Magic Diamonds' 30th anniversary at the behest of Mario Ferrigno. The band began work on their second studio album "Freedom". First details were announced in December 2020 as well as the new line up: Giusy Ferrigno (Vocals), Mario Ferrigno (bass), Lino Mazzola (drums), Andrea Palazzo (Guitar).

Giusy Ferrigno

Vocals, Keyboards

Giusy (born April 10 1997) has been singing ever since she was 3.

In 2008, at age 11 , she was one of the winners of Universal Music Italy's contest "Le sette cose che", with a song in English of which she had rewritten the lyrics.

In 2010 she formed a hard rock band called Let the right one in and played many gigs around Naples and other southern Italian cities, also performing as an opening act for Italian progressive rock band New Trolls in 2011.

Over the years, she has performed many live gigs around Naples with various funky, rock and progressive rock projects. From 2016 she's also a back up singer for the italian progressive rock band Il Balletto di Bronzo.

In 2018, at age 20, Giusy won Ken Tamplin's singing contest "Sing It To Win It" and flew to Los Angeles, USA and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to record with him, becoming the only Italian student on Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy 's channel.


Mario Ferrigno
Bass, Vocals

Mario (born March 27 1968) is a bassist, guitarist, author, composer, producer, arranger and organizer.

He started playing guitar at age seven, learning from his older brothers Vincenzo and Salvatore.After a few years he bought his first bass. Mario was influenced by the progressive rock bands of the 1970s, as well as early hard rock and heavy metal bands. His influences include Led Zeppelin,Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Steve Harris, John Paul Jones and later on Billy Sheehan are cited by Mario as being his main inspirations.

After a short number of gigs and being active in the Neapolitan music scene, he began writing his own songs with his brother Salvatore, with whom he formed Marshall along with his friend Lino Mazzola in 1985. After the band's split-up in 1996,  he continued playing and writing music prolifically.

In december 2010 he founded a musical association, Music Sensation and organized various events in Naples. At the very first Music Sensation event, he performed some Marshall songs with other musicians. From 2012 to 2014 he was Rock cafe's artistic director in Naples organizing gigs and competitions to promote emerging groups and performing with other musicians.
In 2020 he began working on Marshall's new music, reuniting with the original band memeber Lino Mazzola.


Andrea Palazzo

Andrea (born June 11 1973) is a guitarist, session-man, solo artist, endorser (YAMAHA , LINE 6 , GALLI STRINGS, KILLPICK). He graduated  from the Guitar Institute of Technology - Musicians Institute (G.I.T.) in Hollywood.

As a session-man, he has played on over 60 albums and has collaborated (live, in studio or on tv) with Tosca, Christian Meyer, Osanna,  Fred Bongusto, Dirk Hamilton  Jenny B, Jr, Fabrizio Fierro, Erminio Sinni, Junko Matsumoto, Yoko Okamura, Francesco Baccini, Garo Tavitjan, Terence Howard, Eric Lewis, Marco Zurzolo, Capatosta and more; during PASSAPAROLA he also played with  Jovanotti and Paolo Belli. On “Io Canto!” he played (as a member of the orchestra) with : Raf, Alex Britti, Bianca Ryan , Biondi, Ron, Fausto Leali,  Katia Ricciarelli, Michele Zarrillo, Claudio Baglioni.

He collaborates with Guitar Club magazine with a column of  didactic content called "Il Lickantropo", in which he analyzes  guitar solos by the most famous international guitarists especially from the rock-metal scene.

TV :
Guitarist in orchestras of:
“PASSAPAROLA” (Canale 5 –  2001-2003) ;
“Tintarella di Luna” (Rai 2 – summer of 2006) ;
“CANTA E VINCI!” (music quiz with italian tv presenter Amadeus, ITALIA 1 – spring – summer of 2008) ;
“IO CANTO! “ (Canale 5 – Winter Edition –  2010)
He was also part of :
“Ti lascio una canzone “ (Rai Uno –  april 10 2010 – playback with Miguel Bosè)
“Una voce per padre Pio“ (Rai Uno –  summer of 2010)

As a solo artist, he played at “Eddie Lang Jazz Festival” (2000 and 2001) in Monteroduni (Isernia),   “SOAVE GUITAR FESTIVAL 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012”,  “CBE – Genova 2006 , 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012” ,  “Afrakà Rock Festival 2006”, “MAF 2008” (“Musica a Fiorano 2008” – Castello di Spezzano – Fiorano Modenese – MO and many other events.
He has played with American artist Frank McComb, Alex Masi, Will Hunt (Evanescence and Vasco Rossi's drummer), Rana Mansour.

He also played in Experiment No.Q, a progressive metal project, collaborating with some of Therion's band members in 2014. On the 27th of march of the same year, Andrea was the  opening act for Aristocrats.

In 2017 he joined  Tocafierro Band (Fabrizio Fierro and Aurelio Fierro Jr.) for their tour "Canzone 2017" playing 11 theatre shows in 10 cities in Japan organized by the Minon Concert Association of Tokyo.

From the end of 2017 to 2019 he was an opening act (both as a solo artist and with ERT15 trio) for many guitar players such as Daniele Gottardo,  Dolcetti (Gianni Rojatti), Michael Lee Firkins, Carl Verheyen, Peppino D’Agostino, Greg Howe, Corrado Rustici, Tony MacAlpine, Stef Burns, Kiko Loureiro, Neil Zaza, Paul Gilbert,  Trevor Gordon Hall, 1403 (Tom Cameron), Reb Beach and The Bad Boys.

Lino Mazzola

Lino (born March 27 196) is a drummer, producer and organizer.
Lino's early influences include John Bonham, Cozy Power, Carl Palmer, Carmine Appice and later he was inspired by  technical masters Mike Portnoy, Jason Rullo, Casey Grillo.

He was born artistically with Marshall at the beginning of 1985 and was with them until 1992 and then continued playing with various Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Dream Theater tribute bands until 2002.

From 2002 to 2010 he produced two albums released by Frontiers Records with some local musicians and a live bootleg with the heavy prog project Marshall Atlantis organizing and playing  shows in Italy among which various festivals opening for Grave Digger,  Royal Hunt ,Atrocity ,Blaze Baley,Virgin Steel, Vision Divine, Labirinth, DGM, Eldritch ,DEATH SS.

In 2013 he formed the symphonic metal project Heavenshine. The band's first and only album Black Aurora was released in the same year and was followed by gigs in Italy and a European tour in december supporting Therion and the Russian folk metal band Arkona.

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